Personal Development

We recognise that the curriculum extends beyond the academic, technical or vocational. We recognise that the curriculum is the entirety of learning opportunities offered to pupils both inside and outside the classroom. We aim to provide our pupils with a broad range of opportunities to enable them to develop their individual talents and broader character. We aim to develop students as active global pupils with the skills, abilities and attributes to contribute positively to their communities. We aim to remove barriers to participation to ensure an equity of offer for all pupils.

Personal Development Overview

“Leaders place pupils’ personal development at the centre of their intent for the school. They integrate this within all aspects of staff’s work”. Ofsted 2023

Personal development at Darton was judged to be outstanding in our February 2023 Ofsted inspection.

Each week, pupils follow a sequenced plan to help foster their personal development.  For example, in the Autumn term we begin by exploring issues around bullying. Each day pupils cover a range of activities: Word of the Week; the Big Read; a 20 minute Ethics, Philosophy and Citizenship lesson and a session called ‘Future Friday’ (which are lessons focused around making pupils more aware of careers and their future choices) along with an assembly for each year group.  Each of the daily activities compliment one another and unite under the learning theme for the week.

Experiences at Darton Academy

We passionately believe that personal development should be at the heart of everything we do here at Darton Academy. We aim to offer a wide, rich set of experiences in order for students to develop their talents and interests outside of their classrooms. We are proud to be able to offer every single student the opportunity to engage with our enriching experiences programme.